Introduction to College of Continuing Education


       In order to meet the needs of socioeconomic development, our college has made great efforts to develop the adult education by implementing multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form education, fully tapping the potential and giving full play to its professional advantages. With these, the evening university was founded under approval of the former State Education Commission in 1984. In 1985, the adult education office was set up, responsible for the adult education affairs of the whole university. In 1993, in order to adapt to the development of adult education and improve its management system, the adult education department was established. In 2001, the adult education school was established upon the approval of the authorities concerned. In the end of 2009, it was renamed as College of Continuing Education.

      Adhering to the principle of quality first , actively reform and steadily develop, the adult education college has deeply expanded its school-running ideas and gradually expanded the size of the college. In recent years, under the leadership of the school party committee and administration, and with the strong support of community, frog-leap development of the adult education has been achieved. A multi-level and multi-channel adult education school running system has taken shape with the focus on diploma education, together with continuing education training.

      The college of continuing education has administrative office, correspondence department and training department.

      The adult higher education currently included two-and-half year program for senior high school graduates, five-year program for senior high school graduates and two-and-half year program for the junior college graduates with a college diploma, with a total of 17professional directions , covering medicine, engineering, science and other disciplines, among which the “ medical imaging" is listed as the provincial-level known profession, along with medical imaging, medical microbiology, community nursing, Health and family planning management cadres leadership trainingand other 11 courses are the provincial-level unique ones. The teaching sites are scattered throughout the whole province with more than 20,000 students and two kinds of learning mode, the amateur (evening) and correspondence learning form.

      College of continuing education carries out the vocational skill appraisal training, health care and family planning technical training and community health personnel new technology and knowledge training.

      Relying on the superior school resources, with the concept of surviving by quality and developing by quality, adult education school has followed the path of strengthening the discipline.

      For teaching quality control, a perfect supervision and management system is established, in which the teaching affairs office will supervise and monitor the college of adult education to work out an teaching plan, organize adult education teaching in teaching hospitals, each department and faculty, so that students can be trained as a talented professional with strong basic theoretical knowledge and practical ability through the systematic learning system. Apart from attending the face-to-face lectures, students also can use the online network teaching platform to assist their study of relevant professional online course.